Thermal Printer



Units developed for indoor and out-door vending equipment. Optional with paper cutter or presenter.

10.0 / 15.0 or 24 VDC.

Printer Mechanism


We offer thermal printer mechanism from 2" to 4"

for battery applications also with 24 V power supply.



Standard or customized controllers for common printers like Citizen, Epson, Seiko or APS.

For mobile or 24.0 VDC.

Thermal Management

Heat Sinks


Heat sinks with bonded fins or extruded heat sinks made for LEDs or power electronics. From low power to high power.

Interface Materials


Gap Filler, Thermal Tapes, PCMs or graphite pads. Large material selection also available as die cut parts on roll.

Heat Spreader


SPREADERSHIELD™ for a wide range of electronics applications, from smartphones to high power devices.



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